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Breast Hot/Cold Gel Pack

Luxury Breast Gel Packs (Hot & Cold Use)

Instant Nursing Pain Relief

We are all different! For some of us, it’s painful, tiring, uncomfortable and in some cases almost unbearable. That’s why we developed this unique gel pack and sleeve. It has two uses, warming to encourage let down, and ice cold to relieve swelling and pain. It has a totally unique design and is backed by Doctors and medical professionals nationwide.

Natural Drug Free Pain Relief

Sore nipples, engorged breasts, mastitis, swelling and inflammation. Relieve your breast pain and help unclog your clogged milk ducts. When warm it encourages let down.

Use for

  • Nursing Pain Relief
  • Increase Milk Flow
  • Decrease Engorgement
  • Soothe Mastitis

Quick Q&A

Do they work to prevent and mitigate engorgement?

I had a ton of engorgement issues (and a few rounds of mastitis!) when breastfeeding my twins and hot compresses really helped relieve pain. Then I continued using them and they seemed to help keep me from getting super engorged or getting mastitis again. Massaging and changing baby's position also helps

How many gel packs do you get per purchase?

Two gel packs, plus two soft cotton wraps.

How long do they stay cold for?

Around 30 minutes per application.

How long do you have to freeze them for for effective use?

A minimum of 2 hours for maximum cold, but shorter times would be okay as well, the gel wouldn't be as cold and the cold would not last as long.

Can this be heated without a microwave?

You could submerge the gel packs in hot water for up to 5 minutes, but the best way is to use a microwave.